Hello, I’m Jason Kirk, a longtime sports journalist (fancy word for blogger) from in and around Atlanta. I’m now also doing other stuff, including this newsletter.

You might know me from some previous stuff:

  • I led college football coverage at SBNation.com for nearly a decade, overseeing Vox Media’s biggest team-sports vertical. I planned, managed, edited, wrote, and published everything from fast news to original reporting to big ole multimedia feature packages.

  • In 2016, I launched The Read Option, still likely the biggest CFB newsletter anywhere.

  • Outside of sports journalism (blogging), I’ve worked in business, education, and management. “Managing a Publix department while getting my English degree” is the part that most amuses some internet consumers.

  • I’ve also written for Slate, Penguin Random House’s Hazlitt, MGoBlog, Atlanta Magazine, AtlantaFalcons.com, Uproxx, and what have you.

  • Done some talkin’ for This American Life (no, for real), Spotify Greenroom, ESPN, Pro Football Focus, Cheddar, The Solid Verbal, Uproxx, Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody, Split Zone Duo, various radio shows, and so forth.

  • Writing a book or two of my own. We’ll see about all that.

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